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Jagged Edge Love Songs

Jagged Edge is an R&B group formed in the mid 90s. They are best known for their songs "Where the Party At" which featured Nelly as well as their single "Let's Get Married" often played at some more modern day weddings. Their group consists of members Brian Casey, Brandon Casey, Kyle Normal, and Richard Wingo. A vast majority of Jagged Edge's music are slower tempo, most dealing with romantic situations, making them a key R&B group with plenty of love songs in their library.

Displaying 7 love songs by Jagged Edge.

Song Artist Genre Gender Year
Let's Get Married Jagged Edge R&B male 2000
Promise Jagged Edge R&B male 2000
The Rest of Our Lives Jagged Edge R&B male 1998
Ready and Willing Jagged Edge R&B male 1998
Lace You Jagged Edge R&B male 1999
What You Tryin' To Do Jagged Edge R&B male 1999
Remedy Jagged Edge R&B male 2001