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Brandy Love Songs

Brandy (full name Brandy Norwood) began her career in the mid-early 90s with Atlantic Records with two hit singles titled "I Wanna Be Down" and "Baby". She is known for her stylistic riffs and runs found in most of her songs. Aside from music, Brandy also has had a lead role in dozens of TV shows as well as several films. Being an R&B singer, Brandy has plenty of love songs up her sleeve.

Displaying 6 love songs by Brandy.

Song Artist Genre Gender Year
Sittin' Up In My Room Brandy R&B female 1995
I Wanna Be Down Brandy R&B female 1994
Best Friend Brandy R&B female 1994
Give Me You Brandy R&B female 1994
I'm Yours Brandy R&B female 1994
As Long As You're Here Brandy R&B female 1994