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Top 10 Greatest Breakup Songs

Although our website mainly focuses on strictly love songs, we've decided to go ahead and make our list of the best break up songs of all time. The songs listed here are chosen based on their success, lyrics, power, and relatability. While some of the songs are slower tempod, we do have a few upbeat breakup songs which are better for those trying to get over a relationship and feel happier. However, some are a bit sadder.

10. I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins
Starting our list at number 10 is Phil Collins "I Don't Care Anymore". This is a great song for getting over someone in a relationship, it's not your usual sad song. No need to worry about digging yourself deeper into feeling sad when you can pretend you "don't care anymore", as Phil Collins would say.

9. I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Rait
Bonnie Rait's song is an early 90s hit which has become a classic. The song is a mix of country and pop and rests on the sad fact that no matter how much you love someone, you can't make them love you. Unlike #10, this song probably won't make you feel any better after listening to it, but nonetheless it is still a great breakup song!

8. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood puts some anger in to this song. If you're girl and you are looking for get over your cheating boyfriend or husband then this song is perfect. It's not your typical sad-depressing break up song, it focuses more on the anger side of the emotions. Carrie Underwood in this song describes laying wreck to his truck after learning of his unfaithfulness.

7. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson has had a handful of succesful songs in recent years. After her winning of American Idol she has released a handful of great songs. "Stronger" is about becoming stronger after enduring pain. As the saying goes "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" holds true for break ups, and Kelly Clarkson uses that line in her song. This is an upbeat breakup song good for getting over past loves.

6. In The End - Linkin Park
Hard rock and metal aren't a genre that usually writes songs about love or breaking up, but Linkin Park nailed it with this one. "In The End" is a great song for venting some anger after a breakup, and most guys will find this song hard not to enjoy. No need to worry about feeling sad after listening to this song, this is one that may actually make you feel slightly better, or at least more angry.

5. Against All Odds - Phil Collins
After having gone through 3 divorces, Phil Collins probably knows more than enough about breaking up with someone. Collins, having two songs on our top 10 list, "Against All Odds" was released in 1982 and has a slower tempo. It was covered in later years by Mariah Carey and Westlife around the turn of the century.

4. End of the Road - Boys II Men
Relased in the early 90s, "End of the Road" was the most successful Motown released single to date. It is about coming to the end of a relationship but not being able to let go. This song is easily relatable to most people who have been broken up with and is one that will probably make you sad after listening to it.

3. Someone Like You - Adele
This was a major hit for Adele in 2011 along with a handful of her other recent songs all focuses on breaking up. It talks about her hoping to find another man like the one she had in her past relationship.

2. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You - Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton with his incredibly powerful voice lands one of his top songs at number #2 on our list of the best breakup songs of all time. His upper range in his voice and his soulfulness makes almost any romantic song he sings very powerful. This song is about the struggle and difficulties of getting over someone after parting ways.

1. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
At number one we have Whitney Houston's massive hit song "I Will Always Love You". Some might forget that this song is indeed a breakup song, a very powerful one at that. This song was released on Whitney's 1992 album "The Bodyguard" and was originally written and sang by Dolly Parton. If you are looking to get over your significant other, this may not be the best song for you to listen to. If however, you are looking to bask in the sadness, this song is perfect for you.